Professional Consulting Firm Headquarters 4th Floor

CRTKL helped a professional consulting firm set a new standard for the workplace

CRTKL worked with the client to create a next-generation workplace pilot program that can be rolled out across the firm’s headquarters campus. CRTKL designed a new set of standards that promote community and identity, attract and retain talent and offer a renewed dedication to employee wellness among a primarily hoteling-based staff.

Upon entry into office, interactive kiosks allow employees to scan their badge, select their workstation for the day and reserve conference or meeting rooms. Directly off the lobby a large, multi-purpose social zone acts as the central hub of activity for individual and group work. It features a conference center, coffee bar, reception and pantry area and was designed with operable partitions and movable furniture for flexibility.

The new floor plan is divided into four neighborhoods with designated activity walls, allowing groups to create their own identity in the office. On either side of the neighborhoods, “meet booths” are tucked away to create a cozy spot for employees to gather informally and share ideas. The booths incorporate smart technology touchscreen monitors on the walls for presenting and collaborating. Wellness corners filled with natural light help employees relax and recharge using lounge furniture and treadmill desks. Each of these design aspects help reenergize mobile employees and encourage commuters to come into the office.

CRTKL utilized vibrant colors and natural materials throughout the space to invoke a feeling of freshness and revitalization. As employees enter the space, they are greeted by the bright yellow elevator lobby that leads into the reception and pantry area. These spaces also incorporate the three main accent colors, teal, magenta and yellow, creating a social and active atmosphere. As employees move toward the open workstation neighborhoods and individual desks, the accent colors lessen to create a focused, soothing environment.

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