Power Home Remodeling Group

Power Home Remodeling Group (PHRG) is a forward, brand-driven company looking to make their mark in Phoenix, Arizona. Employees tend to be out doing door-to-door sales, so their offices need to serve as a hub for large company meetings, training and team building gatherings. PHRG’s goal was to encompass the local culture and to motivate employees to be proud of the work they do and the company they are a part of.
CRTKL created a design concept that embodies the client’s brand yet mimics local ‘Arizona aesthetic’ and culture. Taking inspiration from traditional landscape architectural objects
in desert climates, CRTKL developed innovative feature elements throughout the space. These elements included a gabion wall, traditionally used as a retaining wall in landscaping, using steel wiring infilled with local rocks as an interior feature behind the reception desk. Terracotta breeze blocks, also used as an exterior material, were brought indoors as a visual separation feature between the reception and lounge/pantry area.
CRTKL created visual connections inspired by PHRG’s logo, taking the motif of different scaled triangles and using them throughout the space — from the custom LVT inset flooring in the pantry to an acoustic wood ceiling element. The final result achieved the client’s goals and vision of providing an engaging space with many gathering areas for employees that evokes a young, collaborative environment, and facilitates interaction with the design and brand.

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