Confidential Multi-National Client, Singapore

CallisonRTKL designs and leads change management and workplace strategy for a multi-national company's global expansion.

CallisonRTKL led the design and change management for the first implementation of this company’s alternative workplace strategy and change management program in the Asia Pacific region. While the new workplace program had been previously piloted in the United States, the Singapore project was the first global implementation of the new mobility standards.

The change management process began with an in-depth set of focus groups in which the workplace concept was introduced and tested with a variety of potential end-users. The goals of these focus groups were to develop an understanding of how the global design and change management program would need to be adjusted to meet the cultural requirements and preferences of the local workforce, and make sure the company continues to apply best practices while attracting and retaining the best talent. CallisonRTKL worked extensively with the steering committee and working group to tailor the company’s existing Change Management Toolkit to fit their international offices, as well as to create new engagement tools that addressed project-specific requirements.

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