Impact Study


The impact study was created to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of CRTKL completed projects. Ultimately, we want to use this knowledge to quantify the impact of thoughtful and future-proof planning, urban design and architecture – resulting in evidence-based design strategies for future projects.

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Our Approach

We created an internal CRTKL task force, made up of leaders from different practice areas, who each identified a key project to study.

We agreed on a methodology, indicators, time frame and catchment areas for the impact study approach and then gathered data to assess the conditions before and after project development.

We measured the percentage change and reviewed other qualitative factors.

Where appropriate, we interviewed current and past clients, city officials and internal project team members.

Methodology to Measure Impact

Collect quantitative market data utilizing ESRI Business Analyst, CoStar, PlacerAI.
Collect qualitative data from clients, project team members and secondary sources.
Select data by time: before, during and after project development.
Select data by geographic area and calculate the mean
(United States, Project State, Project Country, Half-mile radius around Project).

Create graphs to compare data looking at:

  • Increase of positive characteristics through time in the area around the project
  • Relationship with the baseline geographic areas
Extract key findings on the impact that projects had in the surrounding area based on their evolution through time.


Along with our team’s local knowledge of these areas, the impact study has given us the tools to evaluate, learn and grow from these projects.

The impact study provides evidence that our major projects have spurred economic growth and increased the ability to attract investment and talent in the neighborhoods where the projects are located.

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Ala Moana Center EWA Wing Expansion

Honolulu, HI




Washington, DC



L.A. Live

Los Angeles, CA



St. Thomas

Dallas, TX




Victory Park

Dallas, TX



Camden Yards
Sports Complex

Baltimre, MD


St. Agnes

Catonsville, MD



675 N. Randolph & Secure Office User

Arlington, VA


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