Inform radical solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Our research uncovers new insights by investigating the trends and data behind our shared global challenges. From the climate crisis to a shift towards urbanization, the places in which we live, work and play must meet a new set of imperatives. We believe an insights-driven, human-centric approach elevates design to solve complex challenges in an increasingly interconnected world.

Rising to this opportunity, we have launched CallisonRTKL Research. A team focused on developing solutions that can quantifiably and positively impact our behaviors, our businesses and our cities.

2020 Sustainability Report

Shaping a better world through performancedriven design.

Front Lines of Crisis Resiliency

To protect the health, safety and welfare of people.

Field Guide For Virtual Collaboration

An effective primer with strategies to foster virtual collaboration.

Happiness By Design

Driving happiness in the built environment.

Healthcare Transitioning

The complex dance of healthcare transitioning.

Mall Resilience in a Time of Viral Events

Leaders in Hong Kong rethink shopping in the age of pandemics.

2019 Trends in Workplace

Identifies and analyzes design trends in and around the workplace.

Hotel to Acute Care

How to reposition a hotel from luxury to acute care.

Our Programs: Innovation Ecosystem

CallisonRTKL Research builds upon decades of innovative ideas by formalizing and building a platform for investigation. Our research programs and activities are not siloed. Rather, they are an ecosystem of ideas, hunches and thoughtful investigations. We foster research and forward-thinking design solutions that are directly applied to our work. Our research programs allow for an open innovation process. Ideas can come from anywhere across our organization and are matched with the resources and scale they need to reach their full potential.

A collaborative platform that crowd-sources ideas from across the firm, improving the way we work.

A flexible platform for problem-solving, strategizing or innovating around complex issues with industry partners and clients within a short, sprint time-frame.

A program that fosters new knowledge by funding focused research investigations across the globe.

Our Investigations

We are hard at work delivering innovative design solutions, while strategically building a formal engine for research and innovation. This requires the partnership of business strategy, collaborative opportunities and rigorous investigations. We are broadly focused on the world’s most pressing challenges. Defining insights for questions around:

  • Value of Wellbeing: How can design measurably contribute towards positive health outcomes across spaces we live, work and play?
  • Human-centric Design: How might we optimize our design process to empathize, understand and adapt to the changing needs of users?
  • Resiliency: How can building re-use and adaption strategies respond to rapidly changing urban space uses post-COVID?
  • Technology & Mobility: How can technology and mobility enhance a seamless human experience?

We invite clients and collaborators to help us explore future solutions to topics we are currently focused on. Select in-progress applied research includes:

  • Impact Analysis Study: Quantifying the economic, social and environmental impacts our projects have on communities.
  • Deconstruction and Reuse: Understanding how we can be facilitators of waste diversion with a purpose.
  • Spatial Metrics Study: Utilizing computational design and sensor monitoring technology to quantify our design decisions post-occupancy.
  • Healthcare Surge Study: Investigating the impact of patient surges on individual healthcare organizations and how the built environment can be optimized to cope.

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We invite clients and collaborators to help us explore future solutions with us.
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