Microsoft, World Headquarters

CallisonRTKL designs Microsoft offices and data centers for more than 30 years.

CallisonRTKL has partnered with Microsoft since 1985 to plan and design the office buildings within their world headquarters campus, as well as data facilities across the U.S. and Europe. Completing almost 6.75 million square feet of space worldwide, CallisonRTKL provides comprehensive services including master planning, building design and workplace interiors. Although our approach and delivery has evolved over the years, we have been consistently successful in achieving Microsoft’s goals by reflecting their understated corporate image, providing flexibility for growth, supporting employee productivity, and preserving the natural beauty of their campus.
Two of the notable projects CallisonRTKL designed for Microsoft are the West Campus, their largest project to date, and the San Antonio Data Center, the second facility deployed for Microsoft’s Windows Live Operations.
Microsoft’s West Campus represents the company’s continuing commitment to developing a world-class facility. The 1.3 million square foot project features four office buildings clustered around a central campus commons, offering employees convenient amenities such as a post office, a mini-spa and 14 food venues. Inside the office buildings, a variety of work station types, light-filled atriums and teaming areas encourage collaboration and innovation. State-of-the-art conference facilities and sports and recreation areas complete the comprehensive live-work-play environment that reflects the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
The San Antonio Data Center provides 120,000 SF of data hall area with an overall building area of 520,000 SF. This “sister” to the CO1 and CO2 Data Centers, constructed in Quincy, WA, provides a critical load density of 225 watts per SF with an enhanced Tier III design. Critical power systems are installed in an N+1 configuration; standby power and cooling systems are installed with an N+2 level of redundancy.
For more than 30 years, CallisonRTKL has helped Microsoft maintain offices that reflect the cutting-edge nature of their business and their position as the top software company in the world.

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