Lenovo Global Headquarters (Beijing) Campus

The project exhibits a greater level of urbanity, and it is the most accessible tech campus in the region with the highest percentage of public spaces and programs in a corporate headquarters.

The new campus reflects the company’s culture and aspiration and responds to emerging challenges in today’s workplace. Industrial parks with a place-making approach emphasize openness, wellbeing, flexibility, connectivity and corporate citizenship. The campus is composed of an expansive network of interconnected horizontal buildings spanning across two adjacent parcels divided by a public street and constructed in two phases. The otherwise homogenous office complex is organized and distinguished by a matrix of voids in the form of courtyards and atria specifically programmed to perform various public functions and evenly distributed to maximize proximity and accessibility to active and green spaces. Architecture, landscape and interior design are synchronized to pair uniform and pragmatical buildings with diversified open spaces to stage a dynamic and complementary duality of task and play, order and vitality, efficiency and creativity, work and place.

Location Beijing, China Markets ,