Lenovo Campus Global Headquarters

Creating a building that is both beautiful and green, CallisonRTKL’s design team formed a new campus environment and corporate community for this multi-national personal technology company based in Beijing.

The overall approach was to connect employees to the environment and establish a strong sense of unity while meeting U.S. Green Building criteria and the China GBL 3-Star. The buildings are sited to construct a series of courtyards, integrating the design and landscaping into one, fluid idea. An existing major satellite facility on the north side of the project forced the already low height restrictions to be even lower so as not to interfere with the satellite’s operation, requiring the design team to devise an innovative solution that would meet zoning restrictions and the client’s expectations. Not only is the result an achievement, but the new campus will provide a high-performance headquarters for 9,000 employees and will strengthen the company’s standing as one of the world’s leading technology brands.

Location Beijing, China Markets ,