Ft. Knox Medical Clinic Replacement

CRTKL designs patient and family-centered hospital

CRTKL worked alongside Mortenson Company to develop a new medical clinic to replace the Ireland Army Community Hospital. CRTKL was the architectural design firm on the project, and Mortenson Company provided construction services. The clinic replaced the functions of the aging Ireland Army Community Hospital, built in the mid-1950s.
Due to Fort Knox’s transition from an active duty base to a training base, the population reduced and the Ireland Army Community Hospital became a much larger facility than what was needed. The replacement clinic is smaller in size, complying with the needs of patients and offering a modern facility to the training base. Physical therapy, primary and specialty care clinics, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and mental health outpatient services are included in the new facility. Nearby local hospitals will offer inpatient and emergency treatment.
The main design goals for the clinic included creating a patient and family-centered environment; improving the quality and safety of healthcare delivery; supporting the care of the whole person enhanced by contact with nature and positive distractions; developing a positive work environment; and designing for maximum standardization and future flexibility and growth.

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