National Ground Intelligence Center

Security meets flexibility in headquarters and high-tech laboratory facility

The National Ground Intelligence Center is the U.S. Army’s premier institution for the gathering, sorting, analysis and distribution of ground forces intelligence. Replacing a functionally obsolete 40-year-old building, NGIC sought a new headquarters facility that would meet their demands for secure and flexible operations that could address the changing role of technology and the changing workforce in the analytical community.

The five-level structure consists of offices and support services including a cafeteria, fitness center and daycare center to create a comfortable environment for employees. Sophisticated teleconferencing centers, special access rooms, conference and training facilities, and data center space are positioned at the building’s core, thereby maximizing panoramic views from the open office plan. Carefully accommodating secure and non-secure areas, the structure is designed to meet accreditation as a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) and boasts both a flexible work environment and a sophisticated telecommunications and mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Photographic and electronic laboratories for data gathering are carefully fitted to control vibration and protect against changes in temperature and humidity. Every laboratory contains flexible and expandable modules to accommodate changing research and development work.

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