Healthcare Technologies and Medical Equipment Planning

CallisonRTKL provides a range of specialty healthcare consulting services through OneEQ, a full-service technology, medical equipment planning and operational consultancy that balances next generation technology and the human. OneEQ may be a new name and a new brand, but we’ve been around for nearly three decades, working across the healthcare continuum to solve our clients’ most intractable and complex challenges.

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Healthcare Technologies and Medical Equipment Planning Service Lines
Medical Equipment Planning

Integrate BIM modeling to focus on space considerations and workflows in the hospital and utility requirements.

Identify potential challenges regarding hospital space configuration and infrastructure.

Create Architecturally Significant Equipment (ASE) documents, which provides detailed information on proposed and established medical equipment.

UCSF Medical Center At Mission Bay
Construction Administration

Troubleshoot issues related to medical equipment during physical construction of the hospital.

Synchronize equipment delivery and installation with the construction schedule.

Onsite coordination between hospital managers, end users, architects, engineers, planners, etc.

Facility Transitioning

Assist in establishing transition objectives, teams, responsibilities and communication channels.

Engage staff in preparations for achieving a smooth transition.

Implement plan for patient and department relocations.

Procurement & Reporting

Validate medical equipment configurations with end users to ensure highest standard of care possible.

Provide an intelligent, analytical and collaborative approach to leveraging spending in the procurement of major medical equipment.

Report and visualize current project status through a live dashboard, procurement schedule, budget analysis, cash flow and impact report.

Logistic & Deployment

Complete logistics and deployment coordination effectively bridging the gap between construction and facilities ownership.

Inbound and outbound logistics oversight ensuring accurate equipment delivery tracking and deployment to the new facility.

On-site coordination with clinical engineering, construction and vendors providing for successful installation and start-up of the equipment.

Specialized Consulting

Offer extensive knowledge of Hybrid OR, Imaging planning, OR Integration, Perioperative environmental planning, Clinical Lab design and regulatory compliance.

Provide professional design services focused on voice, data, wireless, audio-visual, security, medical communications and clinical specialties.

Optimize processes and operational efficiencies through modeling and simulation.