Deloitte Edinburgh

CallisonRTKL worked with Deloitte to create a workplace that blends global brand identity with local needs.

Deloitte turned to CallisonRTKL to help solve three design challenges for their Edinburgh location. They wanted a workplace that maximizes space efficiencies, features modern design elements and is consistent with the organization’s global portfolio of offices. By building on the strength of the Deloitte brand, CallisonRTKL was able to create a distinctive and locally sensitive workplace that helps ensure a similar experience for clients and employees from other Deloitte offices. The three-phase refurbishment project incorporates staff break out, touch down and collaboration spaces on each of the working floors. As with all of CallisonRTKL’s workplace environments, green office principles are key to the design scheme. With the goal of achieving an SKA Gold rating, the design team incorporated energy-saving systems into the space, including motion detection for all lighting and waste management systems.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland Services Markets