China Life Office Tower

Drawing on cultural influences, this tower helps give a new identity to Shenzhen’s skyline.

At 35 stories tall, the China Life Insurance Company Office Tower is a standout in Shenzhen’s central business district. The exterior design was inspired by the traditional Yin-Yang symbol and features a split building massing divided into two towers that are united as one structure. The dark glass of the south tower reduces solar heat gain, while the transparent façade and lower height of the north tower allow for maximum daylighting of the office space. Inside, interconnected spaces are an integral part of the design, from the lobby to the office floors. The elevated lobby features a similar nod to Chinese culture with elements tied into the color and material choices. This space becomes an extension of the building, connecting to the public plaza at the street level. The result is a design that successfully integrates Performance-Driven Design metrics to connect a city’s urban fabric.

Location Shenzhen, Beijing, China Services Markets ,