BAM Technologies

CRTKL helped BAM Technologies, a cutting-edge software development company, modernize their workplace to accommodate their changing culture and work styles.

With an office that no longer aligned with the organization’s contemporary values, BAM Technologies asked CRTKL to design a space that would allow for more mobile work, that would contribute to the health and well-being of employees, and that would represent the company’s bold, energetic style.

The dramatic change from private offices to open workstations and shared offices was a necessary update for the company. The office now has 100% adjustable sit-stand desks throughout the space, allowing for a dynamic work environment. The design team also added a variety of collaboration spaces, ranging from open casual seating to fully enclosed conference rooms that are equipped for video teleconferencing and encourage brainstorming with writable and tackable walls. The new design is vibrant and appealing, encouraging collaboration between employees and allowing for a variety of work styles.

Location Arlington, Virginia, USA Services , Markets