American Intellectual Property Law Association

CRTKL created a dynamic office with multifunctional, open spaces for the American Intellectual Property Law Association to harness the power of their new vision.

With a rapidly changing company vision, the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) wanted to trade in their outdated, closed-off offices for a fresh, energized and timeless space that would be attractive to current and new. Alongside AIPLA, the design team was able to reduce the square footage from AIPLA’s previous office space, increase openness and collaboration, and provide an updated modern look, all while maintaining a budget of under $65 per SF.

Upon entering the space, employees, guests and members are greeted with custom lighting fixtures and bold colors that immediately introduce the AIPLA brand. A multifunctional conferencing center takes advantage of Arlington’s premier views of the Capitol. Acoustical felt fabric graphically lines the walls of privacy booths, while glass partitions line the offices and conference rooms to promote connectivity and transparency. Bold colors and geometric patterns are used throughout the space to create a dynamic yet professional environment.

Location Arlington, Virginia, USA Services , Markets