Zunyi Gaoping

Industrial development moves inland in a sustainable way.

A recipient of the American Institute of Architects International Region Honor Award for Urban Design in 2014, Zunyi Oasis is a precedent-setting project that turns the idea of a traditional industrial town on its head in the interest of long-term resilience and sustainability. Zunyi Oasis leverages as many local natural resources as possible, resulting in an environment that is both functional and livable. The CallisonRTKL-designed mixed-use master plan includes housing for high-tech and manufacturing companies, residential communities and tourism. The idea is to foster harmonious synergy between industry and sustainability. CallisonRTKL achieves these project goals through its Performance-Driven Design approach, which seeks to promote solutions that have multiple benefits across the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental value.

Location Zunyi, Guizhou, China Services Markets ,