The Plaza Coral Gables

Elevating downtown Coral Gables

The Plaza Coral Gables is a slice of Mediterranean life in the idyllic City of Coral Gables, Florida. Beginning with the idea of a by-family, for-families community, The Plaza Coral Gables is a place for people to feel comfortable every day – whether it be to meet a friend, grab a bite to eat, or just to enjoy the beautiful climate of southern Florida.

Based on an urban village concept, the project creates a sense of place and community that enhances the economic and social vitality not just of the site itself, but the surrounding community as well. CallisonRTKL’s mixed-use design for The Plaza Coral Gables takes the downtown site from vacant to vibrant. At 6.7 acres, one of the largest mixed-use developments in the city.

A strategic balance of amenities cater to the local market, ensuring that residents, visitors and workers have everything they need at their fingertips. The development infuses a series of varied uses, including retail, restaurants, hotel, office, residential, rooftop terraces, public parking and a new publicly accessible park that acts as community amenities for the public’s everyday use.

Further, The Plaza Coral Gables encourages pedestrian activity and complete integration via a network of paseos with overhead, operable skylights and new colonnade sidewalks that benefit from tree shade during the day and are well-lit at night. A new public park rounds out the offerings, and the developer, Agave Ponce, has integrated public art throughout the development, further enhancing the experience.

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