City Creek

CallisonRTKL worked with several stakeholders to create a new downtown for Salt Lake City.

As a catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Salt Lake City, City Creek Center draws on the natural attributes of the region and the cultural sensibilities of local residents to create a modern, dynamic destination. Registered in the LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot program, the mixed-use retail and residential center features wide open areas for public gatherings and smaller spaces for more intimate meetings to encourage civic connections.

CallisonRTKL designers coordinated and reconciled the individual visions of three key players—the LDS Church, Taubman and Nordstrom—to create a unified civic asset designed as the 20-acre, three-square-block heart of downtown Salt Lake City. The project is a vibrant mixed-use development with a sustainably designed, walkable urban community of residences, offices and retail stores.

Location Salt Lake City, Utah Services , Markets