Shanghai North Bund

A new waterfront development preserves pieces of history while bringing new amenities to a community.

In effort to improve one of the city’s waterfront districts in need of an upgrade, leaders from the City of Shanghai selected CallisonRTKL to create a master plan to transform a 3.14-SM area into a modern mixed-use central business district. The site also required preservation of historic tourist spots and the incorporation of an international shipping center. With so many necessary elements, CallisonRTKL’s plan divides the space into focus areas, each with its own unique identity, while establishing connectivity throughout the site. The business area provides space for international offices, entertainment and retail. The shipping business district houses international shipping companies, public spaces and a high-end residential neighborhood. Lastly, the historic commercial area incorporates Old Shanghai attractions, new residential options, and a 210-meter Ferris wheel. This effort transforms the North Bund area into a modern, urban riverfront district and promotes Shanghai as a great waterfront city.

Location Shanghai, China Services Markets