Highly successful mall has a design scheme based on the work of local master artist, Wassily Kandinsky.

Prominently located on a major highway encircling Moscow, Metropolis represents a new generation of commercial development for a burgeoning region of the city. The goal for the 315,000-SM retail and office development was twofold: introduce a modern mixed-use environment that supports around-the-clock activity and create a sophisticated space that integrates into the local setting. Intense winters also challenged the designers to create an open, light building in a cost-effective way, resulting in the strategic positioning of glazed areas in public spaces, prisms to maximize sunlight, and interiors filled with bright colors and reflective surfaces. Details and finishes reflect the area’s industrial past while appealing to modern tastes, with features like etched metal panels, exposed decorative bolts, metal forms used in signage, and a logo typeface incorporating traditional Cyrillic lettering reminiscent of 20th century Soviet poster art.

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