Helzberg Diamonds

Out with the old, in with the new.

100-year-old company, Helzberg Diamonds tasked CallisonRTKL to revamp their stores to deliver a next-generation experience.

CRTKL’s CX team studied the shopping patterns and psychographics of Helzberg’s customer base, with special attention to new customers. This information was brought into co creation sessions with the client team, to develop a strategy to improve engagement across channels without losing the strong brand legacy. Armed with this information, the design team replaced the former dark, cluttered spaces with a self-directed shopping environment, suited to how younger people shop. We then worked with the client to develop new interactive experiences that let the customer go deep on diamond education. – For example, the Diamond Room uses proprietary digital technology to magnify the stone for customers to inspect a stone’s clarity, cut and inclusions, while also providing a secure and intimate space away from the salesfloor and other customers.

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