Hangzhou Riverside PowerLong Plaza

CallisonRTKL's design for Hangzhou Riverside PowerLong Plaza creates a new district-level center of commerce bringing together shopping, office and commercial uses within a well-connected, pedestrian-friendly destination.

The new mixed-use development features a 140,000-square-meter shopping center, 104,000 square meters of office space and 25,00 square meters of commercial space. It fills a gap in the local market with an offering that consists of popular brand names as well as art and cultural opportunities. The tenant mix isn’t the only thing that is locally influenced; the aesthetic also draws on cultural references to provide a shopping experience that resonates with visitors and is enhanced by convenient access and streamlined traffic flows. Parametric design techniques were used to create a chiseled, gradually shifting façade, bringing together elements of technology, fantasy and fashion. Hangzhou Riverside PowerLong Plaza attracted more than 220,000 visitors upon opening and achieved sales revenue of nearly RMB 20 million in its first two days of operation.

Location Hangzhou, China Markets ,