DLR ACC9 Data Center

Gen 3 Creates Savings

Digital Realty (DLR) builds large colocation data centers throughout the United States and wanted to improve their efficiency standards for all future facilities. CallisonRTKL was approached to participate in a design competition to develop their “Gen 3” data center design standards. The CRTKL team won through illustrating the energy benefits of implementing Chiller Assisted Cooling® without increasing upfront or future mechanical system costs. By reducing the peak electrical load of the mechanical systems, this results in a large reduction in the size of the power generation plant. This update means capital expenditure per kilowatt of usable computer power is less than DLR’s previous standards.

Ashburn, VA is the first DLR facility to implement the new Chiller Assisted Cooling® technology on a large-scale. Upfront and maintenance costs are lower than before, resulting in the CRTKL team working on 15 projects and counting.

Location Ashburn, VA Markets