Beijing Lize CBD Planning

Defining the future of global business within a local context.

Spurred by a period of rapid growth and bolstered by the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has established itself not only as an economic powerhouse, but also as a sophisticated and modern metropolis full of culture, energy and life. When CallisonRTKL set out to design a new central business district for the emerging financial city, it did so with the intent of creating a place that would be internationally recognizable, while defining the next generation of business and advancing Beijing’s role on the global financial stage. The solution for the Lize Central Business District blends modern office space with civic spaces, integrating leisure facilities and establishing a vibrant sense of place. Following the traditional Beijing grid layout that has long defined the city’s urban growth, the development encourages active participation with civic spaces, well-integrated educational uses and visual corridors that inspire exploration and create a sense of pride and ownership.

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