360 Market Square

CallisonRTKL was commissioned to design a new hub capable of boosting economic growth and enhancing civic activity in downtown Indianapolis.

Adjacent to the bustling City Market and the recently completed Cultural Trail, 360 Market Square will not only provide residential units, retail and outdoor dining space; city officials say the project will create hundreds of local jobs and help direct funds back into the city.
The building has an organic allantoid shape and the curved building surfaces result in a larger volume of building enclosed within less surface area, yielding a material savings and reduced energy costs. Providing badly needed green spaces in an urban heat island, it also energizes an emerging downtown core and sets a new sustainability standard in Indianapolis.
With 300 residential apartment units in the tower and a gourmet grocery store at the base, the building serves to define a formal street edge on all four sides of the site with a setback retail base along the Cultural Trail to create outdoor dining space for both residents and shoppers alike. Furthermore, 360 Market Square will encourage more foot traffic and pedestrian interaction eastward from historic Monument Circle, reestablishing Market Street as a main arterial thoroughfare in downtown Indianapolis.

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