The Lounge by AT&T

Relaxed retail meets the latest tech.

CallisonRTKL worked closely with AT&T to design a new customer experience in the wireless retail sector: The Lounge. The space seamlessly combines AT&T wireless products, the local coffee shop Ada’s Discovery Café, and a coworking and hangout space for customers and residents.

The space is designed to create an eclectic, welcoming ambiance for Seattle’s Capitol Hill residents where they can work, hang out and meet up. Ada’s Discovery Café sits inside, making coffee an integral part of the experience. The retail and coffee shop elements come together seamlessly in this innovative shopping experience. Product display is minimal yet features everything from smartphones to headphones in an area designed to be completely flexible to accommodate guest speakers, performances, classes or movie nights. Customers can scroll through a digital catalog, purchase their items from a personal device or a 4k screen, and pick them up from secure lockers within the store. Other tech highlights include access to self-serve kiosks to activate AT&T purchases, a DirecTV in the den with Lounge app access for audio, and speedy AT&T wireless services. Along with the Lounge, CallisonRTKL is engaged for multiple AT&T projects within their 1000-store expansion program.

Location Seattle, Washington Services , Markets