Multiple Locations in London, United Kingdom

Indoor cycling re-invented

Blurring the line between fitness and retail is something SoulCycle has successfully accomplished in the United States, with the guidance and expertise of global architecture and design firm CRTKL. This relationship was extended as SoulCycle brought its concept to the UK for the first time.

The two challenges faced by a brand such as SoulCycle were: how to blend the fitness and retail offers so they operate as one; and how to migrate their concept across the Atlantic. Both require substantial consideration – what works in one market does not always work in another. CRTKL has played a prominent role in supporting the brand for both these challenges.

Our existing relationship with SoulCycle gave us a great platform to build on in the UK, and through thorough market research we were able to advise, and deliver on, what we knew would work in the UK, and how their offer could successfully migrate.

While the cycle studio itself feels very much like those in the US, the wider offer in London is an evolution of the concept and has been designed specifically for its local market. As fitness facilities embrace a more mixed-use offer, how these are incorporated in design will point to their potential for success.

CallisonRTKL served as Architect of Record

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