Tempur-Pedic Flagship Store

Retail Design Institute’s 2021 “Store of the Year”

Tempur-Pedic engaged CallisonRTKL to design the interior, as well as digital experiences, to appeal to the elite, wellness-focused and experience-driven New York consumer. Escapism, sustainability, access to nature, and multi-sensory experiences were CallisonRTKL’s areas of key focus to design a unique experience. The flagship was recognized as Retail Design Institute’s 2021 “Store of the Year,” and recieved two innovation awards: Materiality and Digital Integration.

Tempur-Pedic NYC delivers a unique statement among some of the most prestigious showrooms and home furnishing stores on the Upper East Side. Each zone within the flagship is curated to evoke the importance of mental and physical health. The in-store experience highlight exists within custom-designed immersive bed “pods.” In contrast to the concrete streets of Manhattan, each pod simulates stepping into a warm cabin retreat with captivating nature views. Revolving scenes beyond each digital “window,” like a breezy meadow or sunset beach, inspire the refreshing and transformative power of sleep. The digital content is designed to be refreshed each season, creating a place that people wish to revisit to experience and will never forget.

Each unique soothing landscape reacts to the customer’s movement within the pod, subtly changing throughout the journey. These digital triggers create a pleasant encounter, reminiscent of restful dreams. Open, less experiential pods on the other side of the store allow for simple side-by-side comparisons of the various tiers of the mattress lines for those customers who wish to have a less encompassing experience.

A comfortable lounge toward the back of the showroom creates a place to connect and socialize, away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The large feature wall, visible from the showroom entry, displays custom emblems representative of Tempur-Pedic mattress benefits. Dramatic sconce lighting emphasizes this focal point, which doubles as a reminder for sales representatives to speak about each benefit for life-changing sleep. A mix of Tempur-Pedic lounge furniture and curated selections from nearby showrooms delivers a casually high-end look and feel.

The comprehensive flagship experience allows customers to reset, maximize potential to be their best self, and incentivizes them to return for multiple visits. It is the number one selling retail location for the brand throughout the United States.

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