Dhamani 1969

One of the world's top luxury jewelry brands transforms its retail experience with a high-style design.

The CallisonRTKL-designed Dhamani 1969 boutique at Dubai Mall brings a new type of luxury retail experience to life by combining traditional elements with modern design features. Based on a modern interpretation of traditional residential estate art salons, the Dhamani 1969 boutique’s soft finishes, warm lighting, and plush details convey a sense of intimacy and present a branded backdrop for Dhamani 1969’s handcrafted, one-of-a-kind masterpieces and distinctively cut gemstones. The design team sourced rich materials from around the world, including Italian marble, silk and bronze to craft the space’s high-style finishes. The design helps transform the retail image for one of the world’s most exclusive jewelry brands.

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates Services , Markets