ABC-Mart Grand Stage

Where personal style is sport

CallisonRTKL provided a brand refresh and a new store design for ABC Mart Grand Stage. The new design establishes the brand as an athletic specialty expert that is flexible, dynamic and evolves as quickly as its young, style-driven customers.

Shoppers are greeted with Center Stage—a platform to showcase a variety of brands, lifestyle inspiration and innovative products. Back Stage with Click and Collect, Kick-Pics Booth and a mirrored ceiling with localized floor graphics and fitting rooms let customers “try-it-on and show-it-off” on social media while providing unique, sharable moments and peer-to-peer services. Local artists painted murals throughout the store, tying in the local culture and community.

Location Gangnam- Seoul, South Korea
Ginza- Tokyo, Japan
Harajuku- Tokyo, Japan
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