Tianjin Medical University Eco-City Metabolic Disease Hospital

This eco-conscious hospital will be the first of its kind in China.

As part of the landmark Tianjin EcoCity development, the Tianjin EcoCity Hospital will serve as a new model for healthcare facility design. The 64,910-SM facility will promote environmentally conscious practices and support efficient natural resource utilization during the entire design process. Featuring two towers, the hospital will be the center of this vibrant new community and will have an open concept to allow for natural views of the surrounding green landscape. Patient care facilities will include: general and specialty clinics, an emergency department, imaging, a diagnostic and treatment area and an inpatient unit with a total of 334 beds. To reduce energy consumption, the design team implemented passive energy-saving methods including: shape coefficient control, solar orientation, building envelope and skin design, and natural ventilation and light. The final design will benefit the community while reducing the overall footprint and impact on the environment.

Location Tianjin, Tianjin, China Markets