Tachihi City Lalaport Tachikawa

CallisonRTKL’s design features outdoor terraces and plazas accompanied by abundant landscaping and views of Mount Fuji.

Lalaport Tachikawa Tachihi, a 154,000-SM shopping center just west of Tokyo’s central business district, is home to a diverse group of 250 retail tenants. It is conceived as more than a shopping mall—it is intended as a new civic living room for the community. It features a variety of spaces capable of hosting cultural and recreational activities. The design concept is driven by a celebration of the connections between land and sky: upon exiting the Tachihi monorail station, visitors are greeted by Sky View Plaza, a relaxing, recreational space featuring dining options and lush gardens. Inside, Horizon Circle features a large terrarium—the first of its kind in an indoor shopping mall—with a tree growing in the center, drawing the eye upward through the center’s multilevel interior to the skylight above.

Location Tokyo, Japan Markets