Rosedale Center Renovation

The existing mall was an outdated Dayton Hudson shopping center originally built in 1969. As one of the most visited malls in the state, the popular destination was desperately in need of a major renovation. CallisonRTKL created all-new interiors incorporating the “Simply Minnesota” concept of bringing the outdoors in.

CallisonRTKL provided comprehensive architectural, interior and environmental graphic design for the renovation of the original 1969 Dayton Hudson shopping center. The new mall, known as Rosedale Center, represents a much-needed contemporary upgrade, bringing retail offerings and the space that hosts them in line with the expectations of the modern consumer. The design team drew on local context to conceive of the design concept “Simply Minnesota,” around which the outdoors inspires and gives new life to the center’s interior.

Location Rosedale, Minnesota Services , , Markets