Shanghai Bingo Plaza Phase II

The Shanghai Bingo Plaza Phase II renovation creates a new urban landmark offering versatile spaces for a dynamic, upscale retail experience as well as arts and cultural opportunities, thereby boosting development in the region along one of its main roads.

Yet the improved design was more than programming augmentation; the client wished to consolidate the urban environment in this area of Shanghai by connecting Bingo Plaza with surrounding development. By building new routes to the site, optimizing existing pedestrian routes and strengthening transportation links, Bingo Plaza now enjoys better connectivity. The building’s initial visual impression relays a series of multiple cubes interspersed across the façade, distinguished by size and texture and resembling a stack of gift boxes. This concept is intended to be symbolic of the experience awaiting the end user inside: a dynamic mix of offerings including retail, catering, a theatre, a cinema and art offices.

Location Shanghai, China Markets