Power Home Remodeling Group

Employees of Power Homes are in door-to-door sales of residential windows, doors, siding, roofing and solar. Employee turnover rate is high, so the Power offices are fit out with conference rooms designed for a high-energy user experience to pump up the employees to prep them for their day of sales.
The experience begins with music playing as employees enter, the director of sales presents the top sales of the week while everyone cheers, loud praises sets the tone for the days sales goals. The music plays again while everyone leaves to complete their sales for the day.
CRTKL’s design focuses on the user experience and incorporates branding elements and lighting design that is synced to the beat of the music – as the music changes, the lighting and AV technology changes to enhance the experience and build-up excitement for the meeting. Words of encouragement and their organizations values are displayed as they enter and leave the conference room and can be programmed to change. Adjacent to the conference and training rooms are small open breakout areas for small sales teams to regroup before or after a day of sales.

Location Houston, TX Services , Markets