Lampwick Quay

As part of the Manchester Life portfolio, Lampwick Quay provides 213 build-to-rent apartments with comprehensive amenities and a core placemaking strategy around the New Islington marina.

The design positions the building strongly within the context of the existing urban fabric, with lower pitched roofs set in front of larger, warehouse-inspired typologies.

The development institutes active frontages along all canal-facing elevations, particularly Old Mill St, and introduces enhanced landscaping to these boundaries that benefit tenants as well as the wider community. The residential units are a mix of one, two and three bedroom units with eastern and western sun exposure.
Lifts, stairs and corridors are generously dimensioned to communicate a sense of openness and dignity, and ground floor boundaries are carefully defined to ensure visual privacy for all units. Material specification varies tone, texture, scale and relief to break the building mass into smaller elements.

Location Manchester, United Kingdom Services Markets