Homepark Food Store

Wanting to tap into the context of the projects location, Chengdu a city with an illustrious history covering more than 2,300 years, CRTKL took its inspiration for the design of Chengdu Homepark from the historical landscape painting “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”. Despite its age, the painting remains relevant today, as it depicts all levels of society celebrating and conversing, and it led the team to a concept based on the aesthetics of everyday life in the Song dynasty.

The design team was particularly inspired by a bridge at the center of the painting, as it acts as a main social hub where market vendors and townspeople gather. The design strategy was to lay out the market to encourage people to slow down, meander through different areas, and enjoy the fully immersive experience. Custom designed icons and banners are inspired by the painting and its brushstroke pattern, while the banner color palette was inspired by blue porcelain “Ru Ware,” a renowned and extremely rare type of pottery from the Song dynasty.

Location Chengdu, China Markets