Gualv New City General Hospital

Sustainable elements are the driving force behind this state-of-the-art hospital.

After expressing a strong desire for a top public health facility, the local government decided to create a medical center in the core of a newly developed area in Zeng Cheng. Gualv New City General Hospital is part of the largest hospital chain in the Guangdong province of China and is a symbolic healthcare community focused on patient wellness, digitization and sustainability. The main goal for Gualv New City General Hospital is to create a ‘Park in the City’ environment with a sustainable healing environment. A number of design elements work to improve the building’s performance by reducing solar gain, increasing natural daylight and eliminating water waste. For its excellent design and performance, Gualv New City General Hospital was awarded the 2014 International Future Health Project award by the Design & Health International Academy. The project seeks to strike a balance between the natural beauty of the site and man-made landscapes by showing the contextual relevance of this scheme and the harmony through creation of natural spaces, intimate and communal plazas.

Location Guangzhou, Guangdong Markets