DFS Galleria Okinawa

Waiting time becomes browsing time thanks to CallisonRTKLā€™s design for this 100,000-SF duty-free retail space.

Visitors to Naha, Okinawa used to rent cars as they left the airport and drive north in rental cars to the area’s beaches, battling traffic on the way and completely avoiding the city. Duty-Free Shops saw a way to change this traffic flow by locating the airport’s rental car facility across the city from the airport and linking the two with a new monorail system. While travelers wait to rent their cars, the DFS Galleria provides 100,000 SF of duty-free shopping in a convenient, luxurious environment. In order to reduce the big-box feel of the one-story retail space, CallisonRTKL’s design team created a series of rooms, each with a different feel and featuring a distinct high-end luxury brand or collection.

Location Okinawa, Japan Markets