9 Square Shopping Center

This retail center combines the past with the present to create a standout design.

Located in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, 9 Square Chengdu consists of 78,000 SM of retail and entertainment. The design takes advantage of its location, connecting streamlined facades of the building to open, outdoor plazas. While the design of the building is contemporary and efficient it was important to reflect some of the city’s rich heritage. Special exterior perforated metal panels were created celebrating Chengdu’s famous woven brocades. The panels incorporate patterns found in these traditional weavings and create a subtle texture on the façade during the day and are back lit with changing color creating a more dramatic yet sophisticated expression at night. This reference to the Chengdu brocade is continued and explored in design elements. The LEED 2.0-certified building represents a new era for this growing city.

Location Chengdu, China Markets