CRTKL Announces its 2021 Microgrants Recipients

Announcement | July 6, 2021

CHICAGO, Ill. – July 6, 2021 — We are thrilled to announce the winners of our second annual Research Microgrants Program. Our outside expert jury has reviewed the entries that cover everything from lighting environments that support wellbeing, to post-COVID housing demands, to the urban impacts of autonomous last-mile delivery. Help us in congratulating the eight teams who have been funded this year.

Launched in 2020, the CRTKL Research Microgrant Program fosters knowledge generation across the firm by supporting small, focused research ideas and projects.  Microgrants are an opportunity for our firm to develop new knowledge around critical issues in our industry. The program is meant to be a safe space to ideate, fail safely and directly implement findings into our projects, business or culture. We are looking for the next big idea, insight or small adjustment that enables us to change the way we think.

Impact of Last Mile Delivery — Christine Ghossoub, Sahil Dagli

What are the impacts of advanced last-mile delivery methods on urban streets and buildings of the future?

Lighting and Wellbeing — ​Kyle McGahan, Carol Castillo, Manisha Van Ecka, Andres Gonzalez-Bode

How might well-illuminated environments promote well-being, happiness, and productivity?

Mental Health for Healthcare – Angela Crum

How might we mitigate the risk of burn out syndrome for the frontline so that we can build resiliency in their mental health and workplace?

Urban Infrastructure and Automation — Lingzhe Lu, Danny Bartolo

What is the impact of electric vehicles and automation on urban infrastructure design?

Hybrid Working in Public Spaces – Adam Naeem

How will the hybrid-work-model change the way we interact with public space?

Post-COVID Housing Demands — Caoimhe Loftus, Rachel Bruce, Tayra Pinto

What do residents in the UK value most in housing developments following the pandemic?

The 15-Minute City in Dallas — ​Shelly Zhu, Erich Dohrer

How do the principles of a walkable and cyclable 15-minute city translate to an auto-centric city, such as Dallas?

Most Visited Places on Earth – Abe Desooky

What are the neurological and physiological reactions that happen while people are in or around the world’s most visited architecture?