Midea VIP & Golf Clubhouse

A golf clubhouse deviates from the norm, offering world-class luxury to its guests.

Located next to the picturesque Tang River, the Midea VIP & Golf Clubhouse is part of a new town center and a master-planned golf community in Foshan. The design for the VIP clubhouse was heavily influenced by the movement of water from the buildings’ sweeping lines to the calming pools that line the property. The Golf Clubhouse pays homage to the game of golf, featuring a design that emphasizes the dynamic movement inherent to the game. In addition, CallisonRTKL designed the spectacular interior spaces that include an exclusive 6-star hotel, corporate meeting rooms, ballrooms, restaurant, lounge and activity center, locker rooms, retail space and a private residence. This new development offers the ultimate escape, integrating luxury design with beautiful surroundings within a calm, tranquil environment.

Location Foshan, Guangdong, China Markets