AC Hotel South San Francisco

Modern, Bayfront Hotel

The six-story, 185-key AC Hotel South San Francisco anchors the Cove at Oyster Point master plan. Its simple and discernable silhouette, reflected on the surface of the water, creates a monumental end piece for the entire development that functions as both a hospitality and social community hub.

The bay front elevation is designed with a portal-style façade: a half square completed by its reflection on the surface of the water. The frame is lined with a warm wood, giving it the appearance of a hearth at night. Meanwhile, the entrance elevation is human-scaled; using the oyster as an analogy, the outside maintains a hard shell while the interior is sleek, smooth and crystalline. The visual connection to the bay is maintained as guests make their way through the hotel lobby and lounge to a private outdoor courtyard. Meanwhile, sustainability measures—including promoting the use of cycling, low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles and carpooling, limiting disruption and pollution of natural water flows, reducing impervious cover and using recycled or salvaged materials where possible—increase the project’s potential for LEED certification.

Location South San Francisco, California Services Markets