Residential Predictions


Today’s multifamily residential market strives to meet a broader, more diverse set of tenant needs than ever before.

As each generation converges on the rental market, the keys for success are adaptability and flexibility. Homes appealing to a broad range of tenants will focus on dense urban communities or walkable suburbs that integrate technology, minimalism, shared resources and convenience.


Service reaches new heights and lease agreements put the tenant first, enabling residents the convenience and flexibility to live on their terms.


Wellness means more than just the ability to get a workout at home; it’s a more holistic approach that employs smart devices, amenities and the ability to control daylight, temperature and other creature comforts, keeping tenants healthy and happy.


Making a house a home means designing appliances, fittings and furnishings to minimize effort, maximize choice and prioritize sustainability. Tenants will enjoy a range of offerings that enhance and simplify their lifestyles.


Smart home technology has primarily stayed exclusively within condominium walls, but today’s renters crave flexibility and adaptability and want to avoid the strict rules around installing permanent fixtures. Beyond free WiFi, instant connectivity is mandatory for today’s properties and allows home to be wherever you are.

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