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The way we live is constantly evolving. As technology improves, our expectations change. And where we live—the spaces, neighborhoods, communities, apartments and houses—follow suit.

Of course, new-build, luxury multifamily buildings are typically first to market with high-tech home advancements. And as populations skyrocket and urban density keeps pace, the design of vertical living spaces will affect almost everyone. Good residential design means foreseeing not just how people want to live in the next 12 months, but designing spaces that are flexible enough to adapt and grow with people as they move from single living to starting a family to the next stage of life, whatever that may hold.

In our latest report on multifamily and vertical living, we harnessed the collective imaginations of our design teams around the world, and examined the latest research on U.S. markets, demographics, sustainability, technology and consumer preferences to answer the questions asked by multifamily developers, building owners and apartment dwellers of all ages: what does the home of the future look like and how will it work?

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