Shanghai Metro 17 Cao Ying Road Station

CallisonRTKL changes the image of mass transportation.

Centered on green, clean transportation, CallisonRTKL’s design for Cao Ying Road Station changes the image of mass transportation with a pedestrian-friendly master plan that reflects the local water town design and philosophy. Although bus stations are typically considered utilitarian facilities that only serve transit users, this multimodal station is conceived as the civic hub for the community.
The master plan encourages walking and reduces reliance on cars while the main park and associated landscaping along the waterfront provide solar access and decrease the urban heat island effect. Furthermore, the station engages both commuters and non-transit users with a variety of retail shops and cafes overlooking the park, arranged in a manner inspired by local water town buildings and demonstrates that accessibility is an asset to the community and that mass transit is the key to sustainable living.

Location Shanghai, China Services Markets