In order to deliver a successful large-scale project, the design team must understand all working parts and develop a cohesive plan from the start.

Irene Bickell

Irene is a vice president with CallisonRTKL’s medical equipment planning service, OneEQ, and has more than 20 years’ of extensive experience leading large-scale project endeavors, such as children’s hospitals and academic facilities. She also brings to projects an extensive involvement and knowledge of working with OSHPD and IPD. On these projects, Irene serves as account executive and is responsible for directing multiple teams on a project and ensuring deliverables and project schedules are met. Her leadership and attention to quality have earned repeat praise from clients who appreciate her dedication to excellence. Irene’s project management experience ensures a smooth process and positive results for even the most complicated medical technology planning projects.


Healthcare Technologies and Medical Equipment Planning
North America


University of Wisconsin, Bachelor of Science, Consumer Affairs


American Institute of Architects