Introducing: The 2021 Digital Evolution Lab

Clare Sausen October 21, 2021

The CRTKL 2021 Digital Evolution Lab is our second annual internal, virtual hackathon designed to inspire a culture of digital innovation by envisioning new tools and services.

This year’s theme is – Reality Engine: Building architectural tools and services of the future using game engines.

A game engine is a software framework designed initially to develop video games, typically offering a suite of tools and features. Not only can game engines create interactive simulations and realistic graphics, but they have real-time capabilities, such as real-time rendering and real-time data flow.

“The game engine is an excellent framework for looking at digital architectural and design innovation,” begins Bill Kwon, Principal in Information Technology and Digital Transformation. “Armed with a research-first approach, our participants will emerge from this lab with innovations that will reverberate throughout the industry.”

This year’s participants will compete in small teams to develop a conceptualized tool or service showcasing how CRTKL can best utilize game engines in new ways beyond architectural design visualization. Their goal is to envision what will be inspiring and disruptive to our business, industry, and beyond.

We are also excited to introduce a global jury with prominent journalists and though leaders in the AEC industry this year — as well as a variety of featured event speakers, including: David Weir-McCall (Epic Games) on Digital Twins, Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg (Space Popular) on Media Shapes Architecture  and Jesse Schell (Schell Games) on XR Platforms + Trajectories.

Please join us in welcoming this year’s participants:

Jun JungNew York City

Ahnaf ChowdhuryWashington, DC

Arnold RamosoSeattle

Rodrigo TarribaSeattle

Nina Maiolo Chicago

Hsiao-Chiao PengLos Angeles

Jing ChaiLos Angeles

Royce DeLord –– Miami

Ruben RivasMexico City

Juan Ortiz – Manchester

Risha NaBeijing

Xavier TiczonManila

Author Spotlight

Clare Sausen
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