"You Are Here” explores issues affecting our world not from behind our desks but from our personal experiences as people living, visiting and working in cities around the world.
On the ground with CRTKL: EMEA leaders plan for a new normal and a future beyond that

‘On the Ground with CRTKL’ is a three-part series capturing perspectives from across CallisonRTKL’s global offices and exploring how we are responding to COVID-19 locally, tactically and personally. In this final chapter, leaders from our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) teams share their path to recovery and resiliency. Rendering: Saadiyat Grove – The inclusive […]

New York City and Retail – New Beginnings, New Opportunities

Featured image: Nike Foot Locker House of Hoops (Harlem, NYC, NY). CRTKL was Architect of Record (not design) for this project. Every time NYC faces a crisis, we reflect, we learn, we innovate and evolve, and we emerge stronger than before. That’s what we do.  New Yorkers are the definition of resiliency. Nineteen years after […]

On the Ground with CRTKL: US Leaders Tackle an Evolving World

‘On the Ground with CRTKL’ is a three-part series capturing perspectives from across CallisonRTKL’s global offices and exploring how we are responding to COVID-19 locally, tactically and personally. In this edition, US leaders share the surprising solutions they have found in the face of an ever-evolving world. Read part 1 here.  Matt Billerbeck: Human-Centric Design […]

International Nurses Day 2020

CallisonRTKL Celebrates International Nurses Day: CallisonRTKL’s Healthcare practice is known globally for its expertise in health facility planning and transitioning and today, in honor of International Nurses Day, we would like to recognize one of our own, Alice Wainwright RN, MSN, NHA, FACHE.

Placemaking: Overused Buzzword, Undervalued Pursuit

The discussion around Placemaking is evolving with new commentary and research stemming from across the human sciences. Today, numerous disciplines from sociology and anthropology to philosophy and environmental psychology all take part in the debate around this concept. Despite these multiple contributors, placemaking is commonly overlooked as nothing more than a buzzword. Danish architect Jan […]

On the Ground with CRTKL: APAC Leaders Respond to Crisis

‘On the Ground with CRTKL’ is a series across CallisonRTKL’s offices to explore how our people around the world are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we speak to leaders in our Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong offices. Photo: CallisonRTKL-designed Lenovo Campus Global Headquarters in Beijing, China. Read part 2 here.  May Wei: Vice President, Shanghai […]

There is No Planet B: How CRTKL is Ensuring a Resilient Future

April 22nd represents the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a celebration founded by Harvard graduate student Denis Hayes as a national teach-in about environmentalism. CallisonRTKL’s Matthew Tribe, executive director in the firm’s Dubai office, and Pablo La Roche, associate vice president in the Los Angeles office, reflect on what Earth Day 2020 means to architecture […]

CallisonRTKL Responds to COVID-19: 3D Printing PPE

All over the world, essential healthcare workers are facing face mask and PPE shortages as they combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In many of our offices, we have access to 3D printers for assistance in design, modeling and planning—which gave us an idea. We can repurpose our existing technology to do what we do best: design […]

Global Viewpoints: How Working from Home is Influencing Design

As creative problem solvers, we’re facing what is surely the biggest challenge of our personal and professional lives. Across the globe, we’ve experienced mandatory quarantines, adopted new work-from-home policies and are well-versed in social distancing.

Connectivity During Crisis: Notes on Resiliency from IT & GTS

Though CallisonRTKL is best known for its work as a global architecture, design and planning practice, the company relies heavily on its firmwide team to maintain its internal infrastructure and allow everyone to do their best work. These are the web developers, the facilities teams, the technology specialists that keep the day-to-day operations of the […]

Designing Through Gratitude: An Anatomy of Public Spaces

Designing Through Gratitude is a series discussing the strategy, design and implementation of Dallas, TX’s Thanks-Giving Square—the soul and spiritual hub of the community. How do we decide on the purpose of a park? Parks have long been foundational to American beautification and recreation, but why are they there? What separates a pocket park from […]