The Renewal of the Chaowai District

Announcement | January 29, 2023

Located between Beijing CBD and Sanlitun, Chaowai Street enjoys superior advantages in geographical location and transportation. However, with the differentiated development of urban areas, this area is gradually losing vitality and sense of identity, and renovation is urgently needed.

We have set a common vision as the mission of renovation: “Rising against the sun and showing beauty from the inside out – a new central area with the beauty integrating an international vision, innovative aesthetics and humanistic feelings”.

CRTKL chooses four different types of nodes as the starting points of visualized upgrading, to concretely demonstrate the synergy between Chaowai Street’s renovated spatial mindset and strategy.


Fanli-Full Link Plaza — Urban Oasis

The central plaza is like an “urban oasis” in a high-density development plot, which can accommodate cultural activities such as outdoor exhibitions, open-air movies and outdoor concerts, pushing business boundaries and promoting functional integration. It is also an effective measure to drive the transition from an indoor/enclosed environment to an outdoor/open environment under the backdrop of the pandemic.


Dongyue Culture Square — Chaowai Context

The all-new Dongyue Culture Square will create a contrast to the ancient decorated archway while jointly demonstrating harmonious beauty. The axis sequence echoes with Chinese traditional architectural space, activating the history of Chaowai and promoting the context revival of Chaowai with new forms and technologies.


Huajia Hutong — Art Trail

Huajia Hutong is one of the most beautiful hutongs in Beijing; however, it fails to offer a pleasant sense of space. In the future, Huajia Hutong will turn into a path of art space, and the space will be enriched and activated with a pleasant scale and artistic furnishings.


Blue Island Plaza — Chaowai Window

Blue Island Tower is located at the east starting point of Chaowai Street, and the facade of the original shopping mall will be renovated into a delicate and transparent image of “Chaowai Window” to enhance its position as the gateway; Leveraging the incremental transfer opportunity at Dongdaqiao Station, the sunken plaza will be expanded to gather people, and the space utilization will be more comprehensive and three-dimensional.