Designing For A Better World: Annual Sustainability Report 2023

Announcement | April 19, 2023

There is no question that the world today is being deeply affected by many issues: Climate change, biodiversity loss, social and economic inequity and – continuing still – a global pandemic. As designers of the built environment, we cannot adequately fulfil our design and sustainability commitment without addressing these issues head on. At the same time, we must understand that these challenges are interconnected and that we cannot simply address any one in isolation from the rest. Likewise, within a sustainable design context, the complex problems we face today cannot be solved by any one discipline.

 Within this edition of CRTKL’s annual sustainability report, Designing for a Better World, we highlight a number of excellent examples where cross-disciplinary teams made up of key personnel from our Research, Design Technology, Urban Planning and Design, Computational Design, and Experience Design groups, came together to collaborate on designing climate-positive, equitable and inspiring design solutions to last well into the future. Access the full report below.

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